Italiangraniti since 1995 in the field of cutting, polishing and trading of granites and marbles from all over the world.

Experience, specialization, and complete supervision of the production cycle by highly skilled personnel make Italian Graniti a solid business reality with the best processing technologies available on the market.

The ability to interpret the continuous development of market demand ensures that Italian Graniti always responds to every need in the best way, thanks also to the continuous and always selected availability of the best Italian and foreign materials from all over the world.

Our particular distinction lies in the processing of materials such as Absolute Black Zimbabwe, Absolute Black India, African Galaxy, and Brown Antic, which you can view as innovative materials.


Information obligations for public payments: the State aid and de minimis aid received by our company are listed in the National Register of State Aid referred to in Article 52 of Law 234/2012 and can be consulted at the following link.: By entering as a search key in the TAX CODE field (03531630162):