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Information about the article. 13 of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 on the protection of personal data containing provisions for protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data

With the entry into force of the Personal Data Protection Code, the undersigned company:
Italian Graniti Srl - Via Croatelli, 12 -24060 Carobbio Degli Angeli (Bergamo) "owner" of treatment is required to provide certain information concerning the use of personal data.

Data source and purpose of
The personal data we hold is collected directly from individual customers and / or employees or through agents and representatives in connection with offers and / or for a report or a proposal to supply.
The data can also be collected from third parties, including, without limitation, information acquired from external companies for commercial purposes or market research or our other customers or suppliers.
Personal data are processed in the normal activities of our company and for purposes related to the management of contractual relationships, for purposes connected with the obligations laid down in laws, regulations and legislation and provisions issued by authorities to legitimize the law and by the vigilance and control, for purposes connected with our business for which the person concerned has the right to give or deny consent, or managerial, statistical, commercial, operational, marketing and promotion, market surveys .

Methods of data processing
The data will be processed using suitable means to ensure the security and confidentiality and can be done other than with manual tools through autimatizzati (computer to computer) to store, manage and transmit the data stessi.Si also informed that the persinali her data will be processed in accordance with the provisions set out in the Code on Protection of Personal Data, which provides, inter alia, that the data must be: - processed lawfully and cerrettezza - collected and stored for specific, explicit and legitimate - accurate and, where necessary, updated; - Pertineti, complete and not excessive in relation to the formality of the treatment.

Categories of persons to whom the data may be comunications
Inform you that your personal data have been provided or that were acquired in corsodel contractual relationship may be communicated to the following persons who perform functions closely related to our business or structural functions that must be considered crucial to the operation of the company: 1 . Financial Administration, social security institutions and assistance if necessary, to the Public Safety, 2. carriers or other entities for services incidental to the supply 3. to companies or professional organizations for fraud control and debt collection, 4. banks and credit institutions within the financial management of the company; 5. insurance companies 6. to those who have been consultants to review budget and administrative, fiscal and contrattuali.I personal data may also be disclosed to other companies within our group for the coordination of management activities, including abroad, both the non-EEC EEC.

Rights of - Article 7
Please also note that the Art. 7 of law on the protection of your personal data for citizens to exercise specific rights. In particular: the party can get by the data confirm the existence or otherwise of personal data and that such data be made available to him in an intelligible form. The subject may also ask to know the source of the data and the logic and purposes upon which the treatment, to obtain the cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or block of data in violation of the law and the ' updating, correction or, if there is interest, the integration of data, to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the treatment itself.

Consequences of a refusal to answer
We do this as a "refusal to answer," at the time of collection of information, may lead to the impossibility for this company to comply with legal obligations and / or contract for the performance of the report.

The controller of the data is the company:
Italian Croatelli Graniti Srl Via, 12 24060 Carobbio Degli Angeli (Bergamo)
Further information can be obtained from our company.

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